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QLINK Products
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These are products that we have used for years and would not be without.

Wear your personal Q-Link pendant and have a Q-Link Clear  on your mobile phone


All pendants come with a 30-36" approx. adjustable cord (black).

If you prefer a chain - please order along with your pendant.


Silver Pebble SRT-3 Q-Link Pendant 

The Q-Link Silver Polished Pendant is crafted of solid .925 Sterling Silver and features a vibrant mirror grade finish. Each is hand tooled and distinct. Silver Pendant owners will appreciate it's natural look and feel - the perfect accent for every occasion, from the most informal to the most elegant. It can be worn by both men and women as a signature piece, dressed up or down. 

Designed by Dominic Walmsley of London and powered by our next-generation SRT-3, the result is leading-edge attitude and super-charged power. 

Includes an adjustable 30" cord, or dress your silver pendant up with our optional genuine silver chains - available from the product gallery.

Casing: Solid .925 Sterling Silver
Weight: 16-18g
W:30mm X H:32mm X D:3mm

NEW! Retro SRT-3 Q-Link Pendant 

Back due to popular demand, we've re-introduced our first silver/gold pendant design - with a fresh new look and updated with our very latest SRT-3 programming. It's the perfect accent for every occasion, from the most informal to the most elegant.

Includes an adjustable 30" cord, or dress your pendant up with our optional genuine silver chains - available from the product gallery.

Link Pendant (Brushed) (1106B)


The Q-Link SRT-3 Gold Brushed Pendant is stunningly beautiful. Featuring an industrial matte finish and 14K solid gold asymmetrical casing, the Gold Pendant combines absolute luxury with the uppermost functionality of SRT-3 programming. Each is hand tooled and distinct. Gold Pendant owners will appreciate it's natural look and feel - the perfect accent for every occasion, from the most informal to the most elegant. It can be worn by both men and women as a signature piece, dressed up or down. 

Designed by Dominic Walmsley of London and powered by our next-generation SRT-3, the result is leading-edge attitude and super-charged power. 

This is a limited production item and requires advance payment. Please allow 1-5 weeks for delivery.


Casing: Solid 14K Gold
Weight: 16-18g
W:30mm X H:32mm X D:3mm

NEW! Retro SRT-3 Q-Link Pendant 

Back due to popular demand, we've re-introduced our first silver/gold pendant design - with a fresh new look and updated with our very latest SRT-3 programming. It's the perfect accent for every occasion, from the most informal to the most elegant.

Includes an adjustable 30" cord

Q-Link 14K Gold Tag with SRT-3(N1134G)

The Q-Link Gold Tag was designed by acclaimed Argentine designer Federico de Alzaga and is hand forged of solid, pure 14K yellow Gold. 


Because each piece is hand-finished by trained artisans, no two are the same. As a result you may notice minor surface markings that naturally occur during the tooling/smelting process. These birthmarks are a natural result of the creative process and make your product absolutely unique.  Chain not included.

Your Q-Link Gold Tag will be made on order.  Please expect a minimum of 4-6 weeks before shipment.

Crafted of: Solid 14K Yellow Gold
Dimensions: W:1 1/4" X L:1 3/4" X D:2mm

Q-Link Silver Tag with SRT-3(N1134T)

The Q-Link Tag was designed by acclaimed Argentine designer Federico de Alzaga and is hand forged of solid, pure .925 sterling silver.

Because each piece is hand-finished by trained artisans, no two are the same. As a result you may notice minor surface markings that naturally occur during the tooling/smelting process. These birthmarks are a natural result of the creative process and make your product absolutely unique.


Includes an adjustable 30" cord, or dress your silver pendant up with our optional genuine silver chains - available from the product gallery.

Crafted of: Solid .925 Sterling Silver
Weight: 21 grams without cord/chain
Dimensions: W:1 1/4" X L:1 3/4" X D:2mm



30" Stainless Steel Bead Chain(6509)

(Pendant not included) Our Q-Link brand stainless steel bead chain is comfortable, lightweight, durable and made in the USA.

30" chain can be cut to desired length with regular household shears and is an excellent compliment for every Q-Link Pendant. Compatible with all Q-Link Pendants, excluding Titanium. 

Approximate Diameter: 2.2-2.4mm

Sterling Silver Bead Chain (6601)

(Pendant not included) Classy and refined, our Q-Link brand silver bead chain is easy to wear and a beautiful compliment to all of our Silver Pendants. 

Available in 18", 24" and 30" lengths.

Made in the USA, both chain and connector are crafted of solid, nickel free .925 sterling silver. Compatible with all Q-Link Pendants, excluding Titanium. 

Approximate Diameter: 2.2-2.4mm









SRT-3 Q-Link Pendant (New!) (1166)

Sleek and chic,  these Acrylie pendants have beveled-edge triangles with two distinct sides, each making a unique statement. It can be worn by both men and women as a signature piece, dressed up or down. Designed by internationally acclaimed designer Neville Brody and powered by our next-generation SRT-3.

Includes variable length cord
Casing: Durable Injection Molded Plastic
Weight: 6g 
W:36mm X H:37mm X D:3mm



CLEAR Multi-Pack (3 Black/2 Pink) with SRT-3 (2093C)

CLEAR Custom Multi-Pack (5)(9999C)


CLEAR Multi-Pack (5) (3 Black/2 Teal) with SRT-3 (2090C)

Q-Link CLEAR with SRT-3 (New!) 

The Q-Link CLEAR is a new and exciting addition to the well-known Q-Link range of "body" products. The visual impact is stunning: Programmed with over 100 natural frequencies known to support the biofield, the Q-Link CLEAR is compact and feather-light so it won't get in the way. Just attach it to a device where it will come closest to your body.



Then, when you use your mobile phone, or listen to music on an mp3 player, hold your game player or otherwise - the Q-Link CLEAR focuses and strengthens the biofield's ability to support your body's natural defenses to EMFs and other stressors.


Casing: Injection Molded Plastic
Approximate Weight: < 1g
Diameter: 10.5mm X Depth: 1.8mm

Q-Link Nimbus TREK-PACK (3001)

If you're feeling stressed, agitated and fatigued behind the wheel - you are not alone. More than 11 million people commute an hour or more to work - EACH WAY! 

Are you (and your passenger's) ready for relief? Just plug-in a Q-Link Nimbus to soothe and revitalize mind and body with over 100 energy-supporting frequencies. Many report feeling more focused, calm and aware on power-up. 

So for short outings, long work commutes and especially road trips - Nimbus is your best ally! And when you reach your destination, power-up there, too.


TREK-PACK Includes 
* 1 Q-Link Nimbus 
* Car Lighter Adapter 
* Flexible 6" Extender

Q-Link Nimbus with SRT-3 (PINK)(1204A-P)

Plug Nimbus in to any USB port or hub to effortlessly & instantly generate a 30' omnidirectional radius of SRT-3 to improve body/mnd response to electronic stress - and to enhance well-being, performance and quality of life. 

Who can benefit from Nimbus? Individuals spending any amount of time in front of a computer, office workers, students or entire classrooms, IT professionals, writers, graphic artists, business people, jet-setting laptop users, teachers, gym members and fitness facilities, and many others.

Transports easily for discreet use anywhere. No software required. Backlit Q-Link logo indicates power-up. USB cap removes and stores on unit end while in use. 



Casing: Molded Acrylic 
Approximate Dimensions: 
L: 2 7/8" X W: 1 7/8" X D: 1/2"
Weight: 31g
Power Draw: 32.8mA @ 5 Volts 
In the box: Q-Link Nimbus, all products brochure
Compliant: Nimbus has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules.


Choose USB powered Q-Link Stratus or Nimbus to transform home, office, remote and teamwork environments. May be used stand alone, though often utilized in conjunction with Q-Link body worn products to further enhance and complete the overall Q-Link experience. With more than 100 SRT-3 resonance enhancing frequencies in both, and a more powerful 45' omni-directional field in Stratus- users often report increased focus, productivity, vitality, creativity and awareness when using these devices



Soon after our technology was discovered and made available, Q-Link® began impressing friends, customers, leaders and many other users in fields as diverse as music, sports and the arts, physics and biology, health and wellness, philosophy and even theology and consciousness studies. Today - decades after our first products hit the market - we continue to hear from many of those same constituencies who are happy to share their own experiences. We hope you enjoy reading what some of these enthusiasts have had to say about our technology and products, and recognizing some of the people that the press has spotted wearing their Q-Link. We encourage you to try Q-Link too! 

"It is my responsibility to make sure our horses are at their maximum potential for the owners on race day. In testing, the Q-Link has proven to me to significantly reduce the negative effects of stress, improve overall health and re-balance the functioning of the horses internal systems."
Bart Cummings AM - Winning Trainer of a Record 11 Melbourne Cups. Winner of 242 Group One Winners. Inaugural inductee into the Racing Hall Of Fame. The Sport Australia Hall of Fame.


Joseph McClendon III
Head Trainer, Anthony Robbins Companies and author of Unlimited Power: A Black Choice

"This little masterpiece is truly a wonderful gift of energy and clarity that everyone deserves to experience. I have been wearing the Q-Link for about 7 years now. Energy, clarity, and peacefulness are just a few of the outstanding benefits I consistently experience from it. You owe it to yourself to operate at your optimum."


John MacLean 
OAM Australia's Most Prominent Male Wheelchair Athletes
Paralympian Sydney 2000 Awarded-Australian Sports Medal
Ironman Hall of Fame 2002
Paralympian Sydney 2000 Awarded-Australian Sports Medal

"As a sportsman I need to be able to perform at my best on and off the sporting field. After extensively testing the Q-Link Pendant I have found that the Q-Link improves my performance and stamina by reducing stress throughout my body. If you did one thing this year to improve your performance wear a Q-Link. It's a must."


Ken Wilber
President, The Integral Institute, Boulder, CO,
Philosopher and author of A Brief History of Everything and 16 other books on consciousness and Integral theory and practice

"The Q-Link is a technology that amplifies and clarifies the body's energies. By reducing the noise in any energy field, this technology strengthens and purifies the body's own energies. This technology has been scientifically demonstrated to enhance the body's ability to protect itself from harmful environmental radiation, and thus it helps to remove harmful influences on the organism's health and well being. This technology therefore removes some of the blocks to inner transformation to higher and healthier states of being."


Joseph Amato
"I am a 73-year-old mariner who goes out to sea regularly single-handed sailing an 11-metre yacht and just purchased the Q-Link SRT-3. This little gadget was worn from the first half hour that I recieved it through the post. It started working on me within the first 12 hours with amazing results. I do not have any sorts of medications whatsoever and this Q-Link has given me the boost in life more than anything else. The sense of consciousness and awareness is fantastic, plus the energy its given me to sail further away on long distance single-handed voyages is great. Thanks again and its great that I have found such a marvel that boosts energy into me."

Dina Wiltshire
"I have been wearing my Q-Link now for 4+years and for the most part never really took it off. It would move from around my neck to my bra strap if I wore jewelry for a meeting but other than that, it was always on me. A few months ago I forgot my Q-Link at home and travelled from east to west coast on business for a few days. I travel extensively for business. I have not experienced jet lag for years since wearing my Q-Link so completely forgot how miserable it can be. It took a full week for me to recover from this trip and I couldn't figure out why until my husband asked if I was wearing my Q-Link. I scurried around the house to find my little buddy and put it back around my neck. I had become so accustomed to NOT struggling with time zones with my extensive travel, I did not connect the power of Q and time travel :-) As they say: Don't leave home without it!! And now, I never will."

Antoinette Hendry
"I received my Constellation pendant on Friday and I admit I was blown away by the unique craftmanship and quality of the pendant. It is absolutely stunning, what more can I say? I went shopping yesterday and four total strangers approached me individually and commented on it, one even wanting to know if she could buy it from me. (I gave her your link.) I continued wandering happily around the shopping mall for a couple of hours before I suddenly realised that I wasn't feeling exhausted, which is usually the norm for me when doing the Saturday morning shopping. What is even more incredible is that I had been wearing the pendant for less than 24 hours at that stage. I am so impressed, thank you to all. Please feel free to use this email as a totally unsolicited endorsement should you wish to do so."

Alex Shabelov 
American Chess Grandmaster
2007 U.S. Champion Chess Player Pittsburgh, PA 

"My mental coach introduced me to Q-Link in April 2007, a couple of weeks before the US Championship. At that point, my chess had been in a slow but steady (and extremely frustrating) decline for a few years. So I felt that to wear some weird device just to please the old man couldn't hurt. I felt no difference in my physical or psychological condition until, a month later, I found myself getting the winner's check and the 2007 US Champion's bracelet! Although I was not a stranger to winning big events throughout my career, things were completely different this time. Normally it would take me months to recover from a tournament of this magnitude, to calm my nerves. But this time, although I was physically exhausted, I felt emotionally unscathed. Now that I have my groove back and my concentration is stronger than ever, I'm enjoying one of the best years of my chess career. Does Q-Link have anything to do with that? I don't know, but guess if I care! There are two World Cups for me to play, classical chess in November in Russia and rapid chess in January in Ukraine I know that I have a secret weapon - my Q-Link!"


Anne D. 
"I'm surprised that I'm not exaggerating when I say that the Q-Link has changed my life. I am an executive assistant, so I sit in front of a computer for at least 8 hours per day. When I am not at work, I am on my cell phone, in my car with Bluetooth, on a plane, or at home where I have wireless internet, wireless phones, etc. My energy level and fatigue had been low for many years. I have seen many doctors who have tried to treat me for adrenal fatigue, low blood sugar and hormonal imbalances. A few months ago, despite my herbs, supplements and nutrition, it got to the point where I could barely sit up at my desk after 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon...I recalled that about eight years ago I had worn a Q-Link for about a year. I only wore it when I was at work in front of the computer, and I didn't experience any noticeable difference in my wellbeing, so I stopped using it. I decided to check out your website again.... I read that you recommend wearing it 24 hours per day (which is not how I used it in 2000). I decided I had nothing to lose.... Within a week of wearing the Q-Link 24 hours per day, my energy changed dramatically. For the first time in my adult life, my energy is totally consistent from the time I get up in the morning until I go to bed at night. I do not have energy slumps in the afternoon. After work, I have the same amount of energy I had when I went to work in the morning. In the past, I could barely stay out of bed in the evenings, now I have to remind myself to go to bed! I just received the sterling silver version, which is very beautiful and a great alternative to the more casual white one. I'm so pleased with the results that I had to write and tell you. Anyone who tells me they have low energy will get an earful from me about the Q-Link. Thank you for the technology you have made available to me!"

Richard Yagutilov 
Celebrity Photographer & Filmmaker


"I found out about the Q-Link Pendant through a friend of mine who is very successful and researches the heck out of things so I trusted that it would be a good product, but I didn't expect what happened next. I wore the pendant and immediately felt a tingle in my chest and within a couple days I noticed that I was more clear, focused and positive. Then I noticed that when I drank coffee (and I love my strong coffee) that now I wasn't getting the same coffee 'craziness'. With the pendant, I was getting the alertness of the coffee but not the same jitteriness and restless mind. It was as if my mind was getting more focused and at the same time not getting too wild. After about a month of wearing it and starting to do much better, I stopped using the pendant. Big Mistake. After some time with the pendant off I started getting back to a hazy mental place and gradually my state of mind and focus declined to the point that I was really questioning was happening with me, because I had been doing so well, and that's when it struck me. Immediately I put my pendant back on and right away felt the difference and I haven't taken it off since, and I'm not planning to either. I love the Q-Link pendant and it has made a big difference in my life and my wife's as well. We have better focus, clarity and generally a more positive mindset and I firmly believe and I know through my own experience that Q-Link is working to enhance us vibrationally and improve many parts of our lives. I highly recommended Q-Link to anyone who wants more energy, clarity and focus and for general well being!"

Tim Nickas
"I am a Division 1 athlete at Mount St. Mary's University. I do the decathlon in track and field. Every since I bought the Q my freshman year i have not been sick. It has been three years and still i sleep good every night. There has been a very large boost in performance since high school thanks in part to the Q. I would recommend it to anyone, it gives you a great competitive edge and is a perfect aid in the recovery process. I feel refreshed every day even with such an intense schedule and workout regime!"

Joseph Rende
Assistant Director - Education Services
The Young Presidents Organization

"I have been wearing my Q-Link Pendant since this past August - I have been delighted and quite surprised by the amount of energy I continue to experience. I no longer feel exhausted at the end of a day in front of the computer, and my past problem with jet lag has virtually ended. This product is amazing! My initial skepticism has given way to belief and appreciation. I was so impressed with the positive affects of the Q-Link that I purchased them for my entire family. Thank you again for having such a positive and lasting effect on the wellness of my entire family!"

Tom Jenkins
Champions Tour Player

"I have played the Champions Tour for the past twelve years and have worn my Q-Link for the past ten years. I am 62 years of age and still going strong on the Champions Tour. My accomplishments this past decade still amaze me: 

*1st in most sub-par rounds 
*Low score to par (-11) 
*61 final round of Boeing Greater Seattle Classic in 2006 
*2nd in most eagles 
*3rd in most birdies 
*6th in most rounds in the 60's 
*7th in Most top 10 finishes 
*8th in most runner-up finishes 

All this adds up to being the 8th leading money winner of the decade on the Champions Tour with over $11 million. I truly owe my success the past ten years on the Champions Tour to wearing the Q-Link. The effects of the Q-Link are real. With all the negative stress that my body is under, from tournament golf, to life's high tech world, my Q-Link recharges my body each and every day. To have ten years at the highest level of competition, it was important that my body not wear down. That is why I will continue to wear my Q-Link 24/7 into this next decade."

Cameron Healey
Publisher, Golf Today Magazine | Northwest Edition

"As a self-professed skeptic, my expectations of a positive outcome from wearing a Q-Link pendant were modest at best. Oh, was I proven wrong. Since purchasing the Q-Link 16 months ago, I can say with confidence that my ability to focus during stressful situations while remaining calm has improved markedly. As a publisher who is under constant pressure to meet deadlines, I need all the help I can get. Q-Link has helped me deliver."

Nick DelCor
"I have been wearing Q-Link for 10 years now and would never go another day without it. I lay down to bed at night and the first thing i check is if it is around my neck. I once lost it going through security at an airport. The first thing I did when i got home was order a new pendant. It keeps me focused, clear, sleeping better and in the moment. Thank you Q-Link for 10 years of wellness! "

David Frost
PGA Champions Tour Player - 10 Time PGA Tour Winner 

"I feel the Q-Link gives me a relaxed and calm feeling , but yet energetic kick on the course. After my rounds of golf I do not feel drained or tired, I feel I have enough energy to spend another valuable hour practicing my long game and spend a few minutes on the putting green. My fitness program includes an hour of cardio 4 times a week. The energy I get from the Q-Link certainly helps with this as well. Thanks for assisting me with your product."

Traute Greening
Sunnyvale, California

"I'm 66 years old and was given a gift by a friend of mine. It was the Q-Link that was supposed to give me more energy for all my hobbies, tennis, gym and grandchildren. Also I didn't fully believe in it. I told myself 'why not wear it and see.' To my great surprise and skepticism, I found that I had become more energetic, more centered than I had ever felt before. It was truly a great gift and now I wear it with confidence and like to share that recognition with many others. I still don't understand how it works, but I can always tell the difference when I don't wear it (more tired) then put it back on again (more energy and enjoy my life more) so I know it really does work. Just thought I'd share my experience with you."

Justin Rose 
2007 European Tour Order of Merit Winner
2008 Ryder Cup Team Member

"You can walk up and down the range and look for drivers, putters, and wedges - but there are not many products that have been as successful as the Q-Link in terms of victories on the PGA Tour."

Worldwide Radio Personality 
"Well over 15 years ago, I began using Clarus Q-Link SRT-2 (Sympathetic Resonance Technology) products to help protect myself from the increasingly crazy world of 24/7 emf, elf and microwave bombardment. I have had three of them in my home at all times since those days. Without the shadow of a doubt, the products reduced my stress, increased my work capability and pushed my productivity to new levels...and did so on an absolutely consistent basis. I remember back then raving about the Clarus products to my friends, many of whom bought them and ALL of whom reported the same basic immediate results. Recently, the company introduced an entirely new generation of Q-Link technology and I was, as you might surmise, a little bit curious as to how something already superb could be made better. I ordered a brand new product, a white Nimbus SRT-3 device (see above) and plugged it into the extra USB port on my keyboard...(or ANY USB port on one's computer). Now, this is not an exaggeration. Whereas the original Q- Link SRT-2 (Sympathetic Resonance Technology) I had owned for so many years had always done a good job for me, this new Q-Link SRT-3 is a jet compared to a prop-driven airplane. Within one minute, I felt an immediate surge in life-supporting energy - both physical and mental. The surge in clarity, focus and alertness was undeniable...this was not my imagination. I was truly amazed at the subtle yet profound advancement in the SRT-3 products. Even when I am tired, when I sit down to the computer, I know my Nimbus SRT-3 will immediately lift me to a higher level of mental and physical clarity. I can count on an increased level of productivity, stamina and endurance...which in my work schedule is absolutely crucial. Now, this is the kicker: the Nimbus (also a neat night light!) has an operational range of 30 feet and 360 degrees...it works right through walls and floors...and so I can experience the upside benefits whenever I'm in that radius in the house. And what happens if I leave that 360 degree sphere of 'clarity'? I take it right along WITH ME by wearing the Q-Link SRT-3 pendant which allows me to take a very similar feeling of focus and inner clarity with me wherever I go. See the black pendant down below? That's the model I have. The pendant actually takes my body's own specific, unique energy resonances, amplifies them, and increases them wherever I go. I also urge you to read the articles below and see why so many of the top pro golfers, for example, wear them with great success. In sum, I cannot imagine being without the Nimbus on my computer ever again. This entire range of new SRT-3 Clarus products allows you to take these same basic benefits with you everywhere you go. They are simply as amazing as anything I have ever come across in 25 years of research and participation in the so-called 'alternative' or innovative world of personal performance and mental clarity technologies. If I were Bill Gates, I would sent each and every one of my listeners a free Nimbus tomorrow...and that is no exaggeration. Q-Link SRT-3 products are the easiest, most affordable and effective tools I can imagine to deal with the dreadful onslaught of uncontrollable electromagnetic chaos we are subjected to around the clock. I am extremely pleased to be able to give them my 100% personal, unqualified endorsement."

Michelle Kwon
Flight Attendant, San Francisco, CA

"I have been a flight attendant for 11 years and have always thought that I coped fairly well with jet lag, until I felt the difference when I started wearing the Q-Link Pendant. The first time I noticed a dramatic difference was after a round trip to Japan. After the flight I was still thinking clearly. Even though I still felt some physical tiredness I did not have that spacey feeling I so often experience after long international trips. I would highly recommend the Q-Link Pendant to every flight attendant, on any airline, and to anybody else that travels by air frequently."

Robby Donovan
Professional Baseball Player
Lancaster Jethawks under Houston Astros

"The Q-Link SRT necklace has been the best product that I have ever purchased compared to all the other products out there like it. I am a professional baseball player starting pitcher and I have never felt better with a sports product. Before I owned a Q-Link when I started I would always go about 5 innings and be tired and just try to get through the next few innings. And after a start it always took me about 3-4 to recover. Then I purchased a Q-Link because I thought it was cool looking and wanted it - not expecting anything to change from wearing it. The crazy part was when I put it on I felt like it changed my career. First game I pitched with it on I went 7 innings and never felt tired during the game. From then on out I just felt an extra boost in my game and never got tired like I used to. Was like a miracle! Also the other great thing about it was when I started wearing it from then on I have been able to recover from my starts and workouts a lot faster. All in all I would recommend Q-Link to any athlete out there without a doubt and be confident that they would love the results. I can honestly say that Q-Link has changed my life and has boosted my career!!"

Robert Teifeld, Ph.D.
Biomedical Researcher

"This technology, which has been shown to have biological effects on the cellular level, [can unlock] a complete transformation of who we think we are, and what we are capable of knowing and accomplishing."

William Tiller, PhD 
Professor Emeritus at Stanford University
Department of Material Science and Engineering
Guggenheim Fellow

"My working hypothesis is that, besides strengthening the natural bioenergy of a person, Clarus SRT (devices) also appear to clarify the electromagnetic forces themselves. My intuition and logic suggest that Clarus type products will be an important part of humanity's future."

John Douillard, D.C. 
Ayurvedic Physician and Author

"In my practice and in my book Body, Mind, and Sport, I teach the importance of maintaining a calm center within the activity of one's life. In fact, the calmer one is, the more powerful one can be. Like the eye of a hurricane, the bigger the eye, the calmer the center is and the more powerful the hurricane. I use a variety of methods to induce both athletes and non-athletes into this experience of inner calm. Most athletes, as do most activities in the West, create a state of fight or flight emergency, which wears the body down. The Q-Link directly supports this calm center within one's self. I strongly recommend the Q-Link to serious athletes and to everyone else who wants more graceful and less stressful performance."

Alfredo Kofman, PhD
Former Professor and Teacher of the Year at MIT Sloan School of Management. Author of The Fifth Discipline Handbook and many other books on Management Science, Organizational Behavior and Economics. Top consultant to Chrysler, Shell Oil, General Motors, EDS, Intel, Phillips and other corporations.

"The Q-Link works, but that is not nearly as important as why it works - just like an apple falling is not nearly as important as why it falls. The operating principles and theories behind the Q-Link are so innovative that they have the potential to revolutionize our understanding of the human being - and the Universe. I have been impressed by the Q-Link because it has helped me balance my physical, emotional, and cognitive energies. I feel a greater clarity and well being in my mind, and my doctor has detected the same clarity and well-being in my blood. But more importantly, I'm impressed because the Q-Link has opened the most fascinating exploration on the nature of reality I've ever undertaken. I sincerely hope that more people find the Q-Link a key to health and development."

Mark Calcavecchia
Broke 48 year PGA Scoring Record while wearing Q-Link

"When I started wearing the Q-Link in 2001 it was the best streak of playing golf I have ever had. I feel calmer, less nervous and less anxious, which is a good thing in professional golf."

Max Wenisch
5-time Austrian Marathon Champion

"Since wearing the Q-Link I can really make the most of my energy potential. My concentration, condition, recovery and sleep are much better. I feel balanced, fit and energetic."

Kim A, Jobst, MD
Visiting Professor of Healthcare and Integrated Medicine
Oxford Brooks University, United Kingdom

"Emerging evidence from early clinical, cellular and molecular studies of the effects of Q-Link on cardiovascular, immune and central nervous systems is startling."

Peter Clecak, PhD
Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Irvine

"Q-Link products provide a key to refining nearly every aspect of life, from jet lag to stress and chronic fatigue."

Jorge Cruise
Americas #1 online weight loss specialist and author of the best-seller, 8 Minutes In The Morning

"I use all the Q-Link Family of Products in my home and office. The ClearWave 3 protects me against the toxic effects of cell phones and computers (EMF). I can work on my computer and still feel fresh and energetic after long hours. I am also recommending the Q-Link Technology to all my weight loss clients to maximize their weight loss. Why? If you want a fat-burning metabolism, you must first rebuild your lean muscle tissues via strength training and second with restful sleep. Sleep is when muscle fibers rebuild."


Margo Anand
Author of The Art of Everyday Ecstasy and many other books. International workshop leader and speaker.

"I have been using the Q-Link as a tool to help keep my resilience high during seminars, book tours, workshops and lectures. It allows me to stay calm and centered in high intensity situations. To me the Q-Link is a short cut to meditation. It creates a wonderful sense of inner spaciousness which allows me to welcome new situations with presence and clarity."

William J. Saccoman, M.D.
San Diego Clinic of Preventative Medicine

"Thank you for your contribution to mankind. I've been practicing preventive medicine for 36 years and this is an any easy-to-use method of protecting ourselves from the ravages of environmental hazards, i.e. electromagnetic fields. The truly effective Q-Link Pendant can easily protect and strengthen us as demonstrated by merely testing it in the presence of a computer or cell phone. Test your muscle strength before and after. You'll never leave home without it."

Steve McGregor
BioMeridian Corporation

"I have conducted thousands of tests using the BioMeridian FDA-Registered MSA-21 stress assessment system in every industry and I have never seen anything like the Q-Link results. Whether the Q-Link was worn for 2 minutes or 2 days, every subject exhibited a dramatic increase in measurable energy, a strengthened resistance to the effects of stress, & a shift to their ideal performance state."

Jean-Jacques de Mesterton
Author of The Succession

"It's about performance. I like to write first thing in the morning a good long stretch, usually six hours.  Sitting in front of the computer was seriously draining - I lost the will to live by noon.  My workouts were agonizing. I had nothing left at the end of the day. The Q-Link is remarkable. I started wearing the pendant about 3 years ago. I can now write for 6 hours, workout with inensity and focus, and still have enough energy left to enjoy whatever the evening may bring. I have never been more productive."

Stu Mittleman
World Champion Long Distance Runner and Record Holder

"The Q-Link Pendant creates higher energy, greater endurance, improved focus and concentration-all essential for running a marathon."

Rich Meeker
3 Time U.S. National Cycle Champion - United States Postal Service

"The Q-Link is amazing. I noticed an increase in positive energy and stamina. It has definitely helped in many aspects of my normal everyday life and also in my cycling training."

Peter Sage
Entrepeneur and Trainer

"Wearing the Q-Link, I was surprised at how much quicker my body recovered each night. It really made a difference" Peter Sage 31 (Entrepreneur and Tony Robbins Trainer), after completing the formidable Marathon Des Sables - an epic '7 Marathons in 7 days' race across the Sahara Desert."

W. Karl Parker
D.C. F.I.C.C. Executive Vice President
Parker Chiropractic Research Foundation, Dallas TX

"Our personal research findings give us good reason to be very concerned about the negative effects of man-made electromagnetic fields on the body's innate ability to heal. Clarus has been shown to reduce stress and improve efficiency and productivity. Our staff has noticed a definite difference in their health and energy, and even more positive attitudes."

Franz Wohlfahrt 
Member of the Austrian Soccer National Team

"For high-performance athletes recreation is extremely important. By using the Q Link pendant I am able to make optimum use of the recreation periods and achieve my top energy level much faster. I recommend everybody who wants to improve his well-being and his performance to use the Q-Link Pendant."

Donald Epstein, D.C. 
Author of The 12 Stages of Healing

"I wore the Q-Link on a flight to Europe. This is the first time I have not been fatigued, depleted and worn down after spending hours in a commercial airline."

Scott McCarron 
3 Time PGA Tour Winner 

"With Q-Link, I jumped almost 1000 spots in the PGA Tour rankings in less than a year - one of the biggest jumps in history. I wore Q-Link during my recent 2nd place finish at the Wyndham Championship. Q-Link and its SRT technology made me calmer, more focused and gave me the ability to think more clearly. I wasn't frustrated during my rounds and afterward, was able to sleep better because of Q-Link."

Nick Faldo
3-Time US Open and Masters Champion

"I've been using a Q-Link for a couple of months now and I have seen a marked improvement in my sleeping patterns."

Chris Stroud 
PGA Tour Player

"I wore Q-Link for the first time during The 2008 Texas Valero Open and felt totally calm and at ease when I normally would feel much stress. I felt like a calm Pacific Ocean, powerful and very steady. I am very in-tune with my body and how it reacts to change and have truly noticed the Q-Link has eliminated all tension and anger on the course brought on by bad shots .My game and my outlook has gotten a tremendous boost since wearing Q-Link and have the best finish of my career to show for it."

Charles Howell III
2001 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year

"I've been wearing my Q-Link now for four years and I absolutely know that Q-Link will help you and everybody else out there with their golf games."

Tommy Armour III
PGA Tour Winner

"I can really feel the benefits of the Q-Link system, I feel more control and composed in pressure situations and that helped get back the feeling I could go out and win tournaments again."

Lee Janzen
Two-Time U.S. Open Champion, Two-Time U.S. Ryder Cup Team Member

"I wear Q-Link because I don't want to leave anything to chance on the course. I like to have a competitive edge while I play and Q-Link provides exactly what I need."

Tom Pernice, Jr. 
PGA Tour Winner

"The Q-Link's been wonderful for me. It's really helped me relax and focus much better on the golf course. I don't get nearly as uptight as I did before. All in all, it's a magical product. I'm amazed. I'm loving it so far."

Ted Purdy 
PGA Tour Member

"I began wearing a Q-Link pendant about three months ago. Since then I have focused with greater clarity and have performed better under pressure... the greatest benefit I have to show is my first PGA Tour victory, which I am ecstatic to say Q-Link played a big role in."

Tim Petrovic
PGA Tour Winner

"Before I began wearing the Q-Link in late 2002, I was somewhat streaky and inconsistent. If you want to be more focused and consistent, the Q-Link is a must. The Q-Link is as important to me as a driver or a putter, it is a necessity."

Woody Austin
1995 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year, U.S. President's Cup Team Member

"I have worn Q-Link for the last few seasons on the PGA Tour and noticed it has not only helped my game but made me more relaxed and less stressed off the course."

Lorena Ochoa
2006, 2007: Rolex Player of the Year and Associated Press Female Athlete of Year

"Since I started using my Q-Link, I have won 3 times and I feel calmer in tough situations, it really makes a difference under pressure. It works for me!"

Birdie Kim
Women's U.S. Open Champion

"The Q-Link has helped me with my energy and focus on and off the course and it played a significant role in my victory at the U.S. Open."

Carin Koch
LPGA Tour Winner

"I won my first LPGA Tournament 10 days after putting on a Q-Link, and I have not taken it off since. I feel the Q-Link has helped me become a better golfer, and I enjoy the stress reducing benefits off the course as well, as the mother of a three year old boy."

Dr. Gary Wiren
Top 100 Teachers In America - GOLF Magazine

"The Q-Link is an essential part of my dress every day: less stress, more alertness, and higher performance on and off the golf course."

Dr. Joseph Parent
Mental Game/Performance Enhancement Coach for PGA and LPGA Tour Professionals

"The Q-Link is a powerful tool for golfers, enhancing performance under the stress of competition. It reduces mental 'chatter' and distraction, making it easier to focus, concentrate, and ease into the settled, even flow of being in the Zone. Don't tee off without it!"

Gerry James
2002 World Long Drive Champion

"As the 2002 leading money winner on the Pinnacle Long Drive Tour, I feel the Q-Link has helped me crush the ball as far as I possibly can. I wore the Q-Link in all of my victories, and I wouldn't be without it."

David C. Rupley, Jr., MD
"Having trained as a medical practitioner with FDA registered equipment, I can tell you these results are highly unusual, even extraordinary. While wearing the Q-Link, players were nearly five times more likely to immediately reach an optimal range, and this was demonstrated throughout the body. Q-Link technology is a powerful tool for anyone interested in optimal health and wellness, and will support, promote and benefit peak performance in sports."

Jerry Garrison
Manufacturers Representative, Champions Tour

"I am always looking for something to help my clients. The Q-Link has been widely accepted by the players, even though many can not endorse it due to contractual obligations. They use the Q-Link to help with stress, concentration, focus, and to balance the pressure of competition. It can take you to a new, higher level on and off the course. My mind is quicker and I retain more thoughts. Thank you Q-Link!"

Robert Pickett
PGA Class A Member - GM, Head Professional - San Geronimo Golf Course

"As a Head Golf Professional/General Manager of a golf course I come across items from time to time that are said to enhance golfing performance and until recently I hadn't paid much attention to the claims or products. My friend came to me with a product called the Q-Link touting that it would reduce my stress levels while playing golf. At first I was skeptical as the product states that it does this in a passive manner but I told Jim that I would wear it and try it. I had an immediate response to the Q-Link but I couldn't really identify it. I had an upcoming event to play in so I thought that I would try it there. It was a match play event, handicapped, and the gentleman I was playing had to give me 1 shot on the round. I hadn' t been playing well or much recently so I didn't really expect to do well. I played one of my best rounds of the season, beginning the first four holes 3 under par and closed out my opponent on the 15th hole. I finished the day with an even par score of 71 and also beat him out of a beverage on the last hole. As a result of this experience I have worn my Q-Link ever since that round. I believe in the product as my play was enhanced and my daily stress level is indeed reduced. I recommend it for anyone!"

Andrei S.
"At first I thought 'what's this'? Another piece of plastic with fantastic claims of healing everything that's wrong in the world?" However after wearing it for just one week, I won my first competition and it happened to be a Golfmagic event at Wakefield Park. I was a lot calmer and seemed to be thinking a lot clearer and not playing the career shots that I would have attempted before. Also if I played a bad shot, I found it easier to forget and get on with the next one. I have continued to wear the Q-Link and my handicap has dropped on a regular basis. I put this down to being more calm. Also, as I work permanent nights I have awkward sleep patterns, I can safely say the Q-Link pendant has helped me in the sleep department as well."

"I bought your product and received it a week ago. I am an average golfer with a 7.6 index. I played this weekend after wearing your Q-Link during the week. During my round, I experienced a front nine not up to par and did not get overly upset like the past. On the back nine my act got together and played much better. It also included my 1st hole in one at JGCC on number 17, a 168 par 3. I wanted you all to know that wearing the product - and after 35 years - it's my first hole in one on the 1st day of playing golf with your product. Pretty cool, now all my friends want one and I am looking for more good rounds and maybe a few more ones on my card."

Bill W., Aspen CO
"I put this Q-Link Pendant on and noticed within a day a sense of relief. I can't describe it, I'm just more calm in my thought patterns and movements. Two days after wearing it continuously I went out and played in a tournament and shot 1 under Par 69. I've never done that before. I have to credit my Q-Link with freeing my mind and body to do what I've known it to be capable of."

Bob Welton 
"On November 27th I started wearing the new Q-Link. On December 3, I had my first hole in one at Crow Creek in Calabash, North Carolina. It was a 182 yd shot into the wind to the second tier of a 2 tiered green. It was my first hole in one in 50 years of golf. I thought you might be interested. I am becoming a believer."

Bruce B.
"I must be honest I was bit skeptical at first but was open minded enough to give your product a try. I have been trying for years to break 80. Today, I shot the round of my life, a 79 on my home course. I seemed to stay more focused through out the whole round and when I made a bad shot, I seemed to be less stressed. I have to admit your Q-Link pendant works. Thank you."

Dave T.
"I bought the Q-Link on a 90 day trial and that was year and a half ago. After 60 days my handicap dropped from a 5.2 to 3.8. I found that I was calmer and less frustrated on the course. I have a temper and I find that I don't lose it like I use to on the course. The Q-Link offered a plus that I hadn't counted on. I wear the Q-Link when flying and I am not as frustrated as I used to be in airports."

Jaime Vendera
Author and Vocal Coach to Bands & Performers Worldwide

"I am always wearing my Q-Link. I wear it all day long, to bed, for traveling in planes, during seminars and during all types of performances. Q-Link is especially helpful to me in highly stressful situations such as television appearances and recording environments. If you want to generally feel better, sing better, perform better and live better, then check out Q-Link!"

Dr. Anil Simhadri 
Physician, UK MB BChir (Cambridge) MRCP (London)

"In 2003 I started to try the Q-Link pendant. I felt exhausted after work. I had difficulty concentrating for long periods of time. I had difficulty sleeping well. After trying the Q-Link pendant things started to change. Firstly I started sleeping better and feeling more relaxed. Later my concentration at work was better. Nowadays I feel more centred and relaxed with Q-Link. I do feel different the time when I dont wear the pendant. I have worn Q-Link products for 8 years now and fully recommend them!"

Dr. Michael Donaldson 
"Q-Link .......at Discover Wellness is what we all wear! In our world of "electric" everything.....Q-Link has found a way to protect and enhance our energy to the core. Since wearing the Q-Link consistently, we have more energy for our patients, a calmness and a positive life focus. We have continual positive comments on our "good" energy. We see extreme changes in attitude even with our children ages 3,7, and 12 (especially!). Personally, I have recently been able to return to playing my favorite sport of tennis. Considering my age I thought those days of playing this game was finished. I again play with strength and energy that I haven't played with in many years. The aches and pains are not as noticeable either which is a great plus! I waited unfortunately to purchase my Q-Link for several months...oh how I wish that I had bought it earlier!! It has been a wonderful discovery that enhances every part of my life."

Paraic McGlynn
COO Bicycle Ranch LLC, Certified Fitting Specialist, Professional Cycling Coach

"I was a skeptical Q-Link wearer initially. Almost immediately (within 24hrs) I noticed three distinct differences. The first was my ability to handle stressful situations with out becoming stressed. The second was the quality of my sleep, I was more refreshed even with less than 6 hours of sleep. The third benefit was to my memory, I noticed that my recall was quicker and clearer (I'm 32 and have no memory issues per say but there was a distinct difference). These differences became more apparent and consistent after a week of wearing the Q-Link. After something becomes normal its benefits become the norm. Recently I went a week without wearing my Q-Link (after a business trip), I was perplexed why I was feeling so tired until I re-made the correlation between overall mental sharpness and fatigue and the absence of my Q-Link. I am a fan and I heartily can attest to its benefits. I appreciate the opportunity to use your product and will continue to turn my clients onto this great product."




Studies conducted at the University of California at Irvine, Imperial College at London, University of Vienna's Institute of Environmental Health and independent clinics support the efficacy of both categories of SRT™ (Sympathetic Resonance Technology) products: 

'Passive' SRT products help to clarify and support the wearers biofield through a subtle, direct interaction with the wearer. Passive products include Q-Link Pendants, Bracelets and other body worn Q-Link applications. 

'Active' SRT products help to clarify and support the users biofield by enhancing the spaces in which the user lives, works or otherwise occupies. Active products include Q-Link Nimbus, Opimizer and discontinued Ally Portable & ClearWave 1,2 and 3 clock models. 

Select Studies:

Biomeridian Stress Assessment Testing on Q-Link Nimbus: Batch 01 
Using advanced hardware and sophisticated software, test subjects had their electrical characteristics measured at common "meridian points". Baseline (before Q-Link Nimbus is activated - with or without an additional measurement of an added EMF stressor) and post Nimbus (after Q-Link Nimbus activated) readings are taken, with resulting averages ranging from 3.8% - 16.3% towards the ideal "balanced" zone.

Biomeridian Stress Assessment Testing on Q-Link Nimbus: Batch 02 
Using advanced hardware and sophisticated software, test subjects had their electrical characteristics measured at common "meridian points". Baseline (before Q-Link Nimbus is activated - with or without an additional measurement of an added EMF stressor) and post Nimbus (after Q-Link Nimbus activated) readings are taken, with resulting averages ranging from 4.7% - 15.8% towards the ideal "balanced" zone. 

Biomeridian Stress Assessment Testing on Q-Link CLEAR (formerly the "Mini"): Batch 01 
Using advanced hardware and sophisticated software, test subjects had their electrical characteristics measured at common "meridian points". Baseline (before Q-Link CLEAR applied - with or without an additional measurement of an EMF stressor) and post Q-Link CLEAR (after Q-Link CLEAR applied) readings are taken, with resulting averages ranging from 8.1% - 31.4% towards the ideal "balanced" zone.

Biomeridian Stress Assessment Testing on Q-Link CLEAR (formerly the "Mini"): Batch 02 
Using advanced hardware and sophisticated software, test subjects had their electrical characteristics measured at common "meridian points". Baseline (before Q-Link CLEAR applied - with or without an additional measurement of an EMF stressor) and post Q-Link CLEAR (after Q-Link CLEAR applied) readings are taken, with resulting averages ranging from 4.6% - 11.1% towards the ideal "balanced" zone.

Sports Performance Testing of High School Distance Runners 
Results displayed a positive direct correlation between those who wore a Q-Link® and those that scored greater on both total body strength and cognitive flexibility. A resultant average improvement in total body strength of 6.05% was noted for males and 5.72% for females tested.

New Modality for Increasing Strength, Energy and Cognitive Flexibility in Golf and Sports 
Results of same day testing were substantial from three perspectives: (1) the overall increase in strength and available energy / decrease in fatigue curves, (2) the increase in cognitive flexibility / functionality in all tested areas, and (3) the appearance of data related to the specific sport of golf which qualified a consistent appearance of ambidextrous activity. 

**Effects of Q-Link SRT Pendant on the Blood and Biological Terrain 
In two separate live blood, double-blind microscopy studies conducted by microbiologist Robert Young, PhD, live and dried blood tests are used to test for disturbances to the blood morphology. Results suggest that the Q-Link Pendant (a 'Passive' SRT product) helps to mediate the effects of stress by enhancing both the blood terrain and the integrity of human blood cells. Thus, significant improvements in blood morphology are seen with the Q-Link Pendant. The following are 2 panel microscopy images of blood morphology before, and 72 hours after wearing the Q-Link in a subject.

**Effects of Q-Link SRT Ally on Stress Tolerance of Human Tissue Cells
(PDF unavailable at this time)
An in-vitro study conducted at the University of Vienna shows that human tissue cells are more resistant and respond better to chemical stress when exposed to the Q-Link Ally with SRT (an 'Active' SRT product). Human tissue cells were stressed using a chemical toxin the study shows a significant decrease in the number of dead tissue cells under chemical stress with Q-Link. This suggests that in-vitro exposure to the Q-Link Ally with SRT helps the cellular membrane remain intact and more resilient against stressors.

**Effects of Q-Link SRT Pendant on Skin Conductivity Changes and Stress 
In a clinical study conducted by Dr. Tyteeka Reye at the Acacia Whole Health Clinic in Denver, the energy states of 40 acupuncture points are tested in the presence of an EMF stressor. After two minutes, the Q-Link Pendant (a 'Passive' SRT product) increases by an average of 292% the number of acupuncture points which have optimal energy states and restored balance. Baseline readings are improved by an average of 41%.

University of Vienna Analysis of Skin Conductivity 
Professor Michael Kundi, PhD, Institute of Environmental Health, conducted an independent, comprehensive analysis of Dr. Reye's clinical study which supports the significant findings and conclusions.

**Effects of Q-Link SRT Pendant on Human EEG Responses (conclusion)
**Effects of Q-Link SRT Pendant on Human EEG Responses (expanded)

A double-blind study conducted by Norman Shealy, MD and William Tiller, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, suggests that the Q-Link Pendant (a 'Passive' SRT product) helps to mitigate the disruptive effects of EMF on the electrical activity (EEG Patterns) of the brain. This published study demonstrates beneficial effects of the Q-Link Pendant in stabilizing EEG responses in the presense of transient (variable) EMF stressors.

**Effects of Q-Link SRT ClearWave on Anxiety Levels within the Classroom 
A double-blind study conducted by David Eichler, PhD, Behavioral Consultant, indicates that the Q-Link ClearWave (an 'Active' SRT product), helps to reduce anxiety experienced in students while in the public school setting. The study involved a school district in Northeast Kansas. The implications of reduced anxiety can be improved classroom performance and improvement in overall attitude and well-being of the student. 

Effects of QLink® Pendant on Muscle Weakness and other Chronic Symptoms Attributed to EMF Exposures
In a double-blind clinical study conducted by Dr Eric Pierotti, DC, muscle weakness related to acupuncture system imbalances and imbalances induced by exposure to EMF are negated when wearing the QLink® pendant (a 'Passive' SRT product). Dr Pierotti suggests that the QLink® pendant enhances the natural healing process as indicated by the reduction of chronic and long term symptoms in clinical patients.

**Effects of Q-Link SRT Pendant on Muscle Weakness Patterns in the Body 
In a clinical study conducted by Dr. Robert Blaich, President of the International College of Applied Kinesiology, the Q-Link Pendant (a 'Passive' SRT product) consistently helps to improve acupuncture energy imbalances and to negate the recurrence of muscle weakness. The study also suggests that muscle weakness induced by the presence of EMF is negated when wearing the Q-Link Pendant in 95% of the cases. Based upon Applied Kinesiology testing, Dr. Blaich concluded that the Q-Link Pendant enhances the healing process based upon the marked improvement seen in long term symptoms.

*Published in the Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine VOL. 8, #4 (pp 427-435) 
**Published in the Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine: RUBIK/SRT& trade PAPER, Vol. 8, #6 (pp 823-856), Scientific Foundation & Summaries of Biological & Clinical Studies. Beverly Rubik, PhD.





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