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Food intolerances are very common. True allergies are sensitivities to certain substances, which the majority of people find harmless. Allergic reactions involve immunologic reactions between an antigens [the food or nasal irritant or chemical) and an antibody which the body produces.  girl sneezing

Many reactions to food do not involve this classic antigen-antibody reaction. Intolerances can affect any organ system of the body. They may include rhinitis, breathing problems, digestive problems, itching skin, hives, eczema, rash, headaches, insomnia, hyperirritability, anxiety, depression, and concentration problems. The number of substances to which people are exposed has gone up dramatically in the last few decades. Some of the foods we consume all the time are foreign to our genetic backgrounds.

For food sensitivities to occur there must be a malfunctioning of the immune system. The environmental stresses (air, water and noise pollution, synthetic chemicals), personal stresses and emotional crises, and unnatural lifestyles with which we must cope alter our immune system's ability to cope with antigens. Symptoms develop when a person’s tolerance is exceeded.

By reducing part of the load, the body copes better with the remaining burden. Ie by eliminating the offending foods, one may be more tolerant to environmental allergens. Taking suspect foods out of the diet may prevent a reaction to pollens, dust, animal hair etc., which may be in your immediate environment. This could partly explain why a person might react to a food one time and not another.</

With food intolerances it is important to remember that not only must the foods be avoided, but the immune and digestive systems must be supported to be able to cope.

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